How it Works

Who can use the market?

The market is open to anyone who can use these fresh and frozen items while they are still fresh.

So much food is wasted in our country - we want to make this great food available to all. It's really that simple!

How often can I come to get food?

Today's Harvest is designed to provide a 1-2 day supply of food during each visit. You are welcome to shop as often as your household needs to keep your fridge stocked with fresh food!

What will you ask me? Do I need to bring anything?

No ID or personal info is needed, and you do not need to bring anything! We'll just ask for your zip code, and the number of adults, children, and seniors in your household.

By providing your phone number as an ID for return visits, you can skip those questions for future fast check out. We will never use the number to contact you without your permission.


Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointments needed - just stop by!


What is the best time to come?

You are welcome to come by whenever works best for you. We restock food throughout the day. The first hour or so that we are open tends to be the busiest time, so if you want to avoid waiting in line, we'd recommend coming in after 1pm if you're visiting on a weekday.